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I Once Was Blind: Part 1


Explaining a new concept is difficult, especially if your audience has little or no familiarity with the subject and/or terminology.  Have you even wondered how challenging it has been for God to explain the plan of salvation and the results of sin to us?  Sure He knows all our words in all our languages, but we really don’t get what He is saying because we just can’t see the big picture. 

To assist, God uses symbols and illustrations — things we are familiar with — to help us understand what is far beyond our scope.  Blindness is one of the illustrations that He uses.  Through out the scriptures God’s people are compared to those who’s physical eyes are blind.  Some people become living illustrations by being struck blind or by being healed of their physical blindness. 

I would like to explore some of these Biblical illustrations along with some neuroscience with you to open our eyes to our own spiritual blindness.  Once we realize our helpless condition, we can do the one thing within our power — turn to Jesus, who alone made the blind see — both physically and spiritually.  Continue Reading →