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Basic Bible Study Questions: Pt 2

So last week I went over my three essentials of the Basic Bible Study Questions.

This week I have seven more questions to offer you to assist in your Bible study.  These questions focus more on the specifics of the content and the structure of the passage itself.   Often we miss wonderful blessings in our Bible study because we read over the passage too quickly.  We know, or thing we know, basically what the text says already, so we think we already know what we are going to get out of it.  Therefore, we don’t slow down and read the passage as if for the first time.  

If you read my article “Pictures from Micah: The Mountain”, you might remember that I spoke of spending nearly three weeks pouring over Micah 4 through 7.  That is approximately 21 days to cover just 64 verses, or 3 verses a day.  That is a slow-motion Bible study for me, but the details and connections just kept leaping off the page.  Generally, my study is nowhere near that slow paced; but it gives you an idea of how looking at details can reduce the amount material you will cover at a given time.

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